Dental trauma or fracture can happen at any time. If it happens, usually the front teeth (the teeth that everyone can see upfront) are the most affected. It is important to determine whether the tooth can be saved, or it needs to be extracted. If it needs to be extracted, then it is important to fix it as soon as possible to prevent a big gap in your smile.

Timely treatment also will prevent the formation of infection that can lead to bone loss and gum tissue loss. If bone or gum tissue loss is present, then extensive and more complex A bone and gum regeneration procedures may be required to obtain a that are necessary to give a more cosmetically pleasant result. That’s why we offer emergency dental implants at our implants today dental office.

The benefits of emergency dental implants 

There are many reasons to get a dental implant immediately after a tooth has been damaged and lost. Going without even a single tooth will cause the jawbone to begin deteriorating. Once a person suffers from bone loss, an expensive bone graft may be required in the future. Leaving a gap in your smile will cause your other teeth to shift and can just be embarrassing. Who wants to walk around worrying about their appearance and feeling too embarrassed to smile? Finally, getting an emergency dental implant will eliminate any discomfort and protect your mouth from decay and infection. Getting an emergency dental implant will eliminate the amount of future dental work and surgeries.

Am I a candidate for emergency dental implants? 

For Dr. Abril to be able to place dental implants, you must not have periodontal disease or any tooth decay. You must also be in good overall health. If there are signs of infection or decay, then you will have less chance of your implants being successful. You must also have good bone density to ensure that the implant will integrate with your jawbone. These factors are to ensure that you have a strong foundation for your implant-supported tooth.

Proven techniques and expertise used by Dr. Abril can help you to replace one tooth or many teeth the same day that the extractions and dental implants are performed.

The teeth in a day will allow you to:

•Replacement of an Upper or Lower Complete Denture 

•Replacement of a Single Missing Tooth 

•Replacement of an Upper or Lower Partial Denture 

•Replacement of Multiple Missing Teeth.

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