The implants replace the root portion of a tooth that has been lost and is only completed once the crown is place on top of the implant.

To determine if a patient is a good candidate for dental implants, he or she must have healthy gums and adequate bone quantity and quality. Patients also must continue with a good oral hygiene program that include regular dental cleanings to prolong the life of the dental implants. 

If you are missing a single tooth, we highly recommend filling in the gap when possible. Even just one missing tooth can cause oral health issues that may eventually require even more restorative treatments. The cost will add up quickly if you do nothing about your missing tooth. When a tooth goes missing, it can cause the other teeth to shift, gum disease and it will contribute to bone loss as well.

Not only that, but your smile will also be compromised causing embarrassment and a dip in your self-esteem. We offer implant-supported dental crowns for patients missing a single lost tooth. 

A dental implant can be used to replace a tooth that is congenitally missing or a tooth that has been lost due to an accident, tooth decay, gum disease, or other reasons. A single dental implant is the most natural solution for your missing tooth. They provide a permanent, secure, and completely functional solution that will also support healthy bone growth in the jaw to maintain your natural appearance and profile. 

When compared to conventional bridges, a common alternative to dental implants, dental implants do not require to remove healthy structure of the neighboring teeth. Filing healthy enamel and dentin is necessary to design a conventional bridge. This can lead to undesired tooth sensitivity and possible root canals.

Dental implants are also considered the best permanent solution because it preserves the underlying bone by replacing the root for a dental implant. This will act as a stimulus to the bone and cause preservation. 

Dr. Abril’s considerable experience allow him to execute dental implants treatment helping patients to restore and give life back to their smile again.