Osseous surgery is also known as pocket reduction surgery. This is a procedure performed to remove the infected tissue in the gums. Sometimes, when the pocket does not respond to non-surgical procedures such as deep cleaning, osseous surgery may be necessary to reduce the depth of the pocket and avert the build-up of bacteria. By smoothing and reshaping the architecture of affected gum and bone, the gum pocket can be reduce making the environment hard for the bacteria to survive and impair the appearance of your teeth, tooth mobility and finally tooth loss. These are some of the reasons why periodontal disease must be treated timely.

Therefore, osseous surgery will be indicated by our board-certified Periodontist if the gum pockets are very deep that can not be maintained with regular professional cleanings or with patient’s own oral hygiene regimen. The results bring shallower pockets in the gums, prevents further damage and tooth loss, and prevents the development of other health problems caused by periodontal disease.

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