gingivectomy & frenectomy in northern virginia


It refers to the surgical removal of the gum tissue. This procedure is necessary when the gums start pulling away from the teeth creating deep pockets.  In the presence of pockets proper plaque removal becomes challenging. By removing the pocket walls, gingivectomy allows visibility and access to remove plaque and calculus effectively. Although gingivectomy was initially designed to treat periodontal pockets, now it has become a very common periodontal cosmetic procedure approach to treat overgrown tissue and improve the smile of many. Schedule your appointment to see if you are a candidate for a gingivectomy procedure.


he frenum or frenulum is a soft tissue located between the gums and the upper and lower lips. In some cases, this tissue can be located very close to the margin of the gums (aberrant frenum), interfering with proper plaque control in the area and/or causing a pull in the gum margin that generates recession of the gum tissue. Sometimes this frenum may cause aesthetic problems or interfere with orthodontic treatment when a diastema between the central incisors is closed in the presence of the frenum. This may cause a recurrence after orthodontic treatment.The treatment of this aberrant frenum is call frenectomy which main aim is to remove the fibers of tissue. This may be a part of a gum graft or consider a single procedure depending on the location of the frenum and the quality of the gum tissue.Removal of the aberrant frenum will contribute to get even gum margins in your smile and prevent spaces between teeth after your orthodontic treatment.Visit us to evaluate if frenectomy is the right treatment for you.

At Implants Today, Dr. Abril utilizes advanced technology combined with leading-edge techniques to perform various periodontal treatment in the area of northern virginia


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