LASER PERIODONTICS (laser gum surgery)

Who can be a good candidate for LANAP surgery?

Patients that have been diagnosed with moderate to severe gum disease can benefit from LANAP surgery. It is an excellent approach to treat gum disease in patients that are afraid to blades and taking blood thinners. There are no restrictions about medications during the LANAP procedure.

What is the cost of the LANAP treatment?

LANAP cost depends on several variables. Usually, it is less expensive than conventional periodontal surgery. With the laser approach there is no need to add bone-grafting materials that add to the cost of the conventional treatment. Contact us and we will try to create a financial arrangement that is appropriate for you.

Can LANAP surgery help with my ailing implants?

Yes! Using the Periolase MVP-7, we can often treat and save ailing or failing implants. The name for this procedure is LAPIP® protocol. Same laser under different settings is used to destroy periodontal bacteria and its toxins responsible for causing bone loss around implants.

What should I expect after LANAP surgery?

This procedure is usually finished in two appointments 2 hours each to address the full mouth. Most of the patients can return to work or to their daily activities after the procedure is done.

During the first few days expect:

Soreness, mild ache on the areas treated. Pain medication such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol can help to alleviate these symptoms. No brushing or flossing for the first 7-10 days and soft diet is required.

During the follow-up care:

It is normal for teeth to change their position and your bite may need to be adjusted couple of times. In some cases, splints are needed to stabilize your bite. Periodontal cleanings are needed every 3 months.

What should I expect if I do not choose the LANAP treatment?

•Deep cleaning that will prevent the space between the teeth and the gums from getting worst but his does not have a major effect in regeneration of the bone that has been lost around the teeth.

•The conventional gum surgery technique with more pain and inflammation.

•Extraction of the teeth affected by the periodontal disease.•Dental implants to replace the missing teeth.

•Fixed bridges or dentures to replace the missing teeth.

What does the laser different to another surgical techniques?

This new treatment uses laser technology with a unique wavelength which allows a very specific cleaning of the space located between your teeth and your gums. This treatment eliminates the need for incisions and sutures (stitches), and the fear associated with the conventional gum surgery treatment. The laser option also accelerates the healing process causing less discomfort during and after the surgery.

Is LANAP safe?

LANAP® is a very safe procedure. It is the first periodontal laser treatment that has been patented with satisfactory good clinical rand scientific results.

Is the LANAP the right treatment for me?

A consult with Dr. Abril can help to determine if the LANAP® treatment is the right choice for you. Contact us.

OVERVIEW OF THE LANAP PROTOCOL•Probing depths checked with a periodontal probe.•Laser tips removing bacteria and its toxins.•Ultrasonic tips to remove calculus and debris attached to the root surface.•Bone is stimulated to form new bone.•Laser tip is used again for stimulations growth of factors that mediate healing and produces clot formation.•Healing starts.•Bite is adjusted.•Gum tissue and bone healing has occurred.

Is the LANAP® the right treatment for you?

Contact us.

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