Scaling and Root Planing (deep cleaning) in Northern Virginia.

At implants today, implant and periodontics we understand the importance of obtaining periodontal health with conservative, appropriate and cost-effective procedures to help every patient. This is the reason why non-surgical procedures are implemented to accomplish the best periodontal condition.


Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease. It is characterized by the chronic (persists over time) inflammation and infection of the supporting structures of the tooth causing gum irritation, bleeding gums, detachment of the gums form from the tooth, bad breath, bone loss and finally tooth loss. The good news is that treating gum disease in the early stages can help prevent tooth loss.  

Are you experiencing one of the following symptoms?

 •  Gums that bleed during flossing or brushing.  • Irritated gums, red gums or gums with pus.  •  Gums that are not firmly attached to your teeth. •  Persistent bad breath.  •  Mobility on one or many teeth in your mouth.  •  Bite changes or bite off or problems with an uneven bite.  

You may have one or more of these symptoms that may be related to gum disease. However, in some cases no symptoms can be present. This is why gum disease is also know as a silent disease. 

How Can I know If I am at risk?

Periodontal disease is associated to multiple factors. Among them we find the following:

•  Bacterial plaque (poor brushing).  •  Smoking  •  Medical conditions such as Diabetes  •  Certain medications mainly if they cause dry-mouth such as blood pressure medications.  •  Hormonal changes in teenagers, pregnant women and patient taking contraceptives medications.  •  Genetic predisposition.

 The aim of the periodontal treatment is to eliminate disease and restore the health of the tissue that constitute the periodontium. This healthy stage includes comfort, esthetics, and function.

 The term non-surgical comprises proper oral hygiene perform by the patient at home, periodontal instrumentation commonly known as scaling and root planing or deep cleaning and in certain cases antibiotic therapy to eliminate, arrest and prevent the periodontal disease.

Scaling and root planing is the procedure by which the root is instrumented to mechanically remove buildup of plaque and calculus. The gum tissue must be previously numbed and after the removal of the bacteria and its byproducts then the surfaces of the roots are made smooth to prevent the recolonization of bacteria facilitating the reattachment of gum fibers to the tooth.A reevaluation is indicated 6-8 weeks later to determine if further periodontal treatment that may include surgery is needed. This may be discussed in the section osseous surgery/pocket reduction.

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